Update form the ocean – less than 500nm to go!

Passing the 500nm to go milestone was a good feeling but also slightly daunting. I still have 500nm to row and a lot can change in that time but I am starting to think about what life on land will be like. Becky recently asked me what I wanted her to bring out…clean clothes […]

Half way is in sight

The storm of last week is starting to seem like a distant memory for Matteo now. After a couple of days and nights in the cabin Matteo was pleased to get rowing again. In the cabin the temperature reached 45 degrees, luckily Matteo was able to catch up on some sleep ready for the […]

The first three weeks at sea

Matteo has found it hard to write blogs (due to internet issues) so he has asked me (Becky) to write a summary of the first three weeks at Sea. This is based on his messages, twitter posts and the odd phone call.

During the first few days Matteo had a number of issues to content […]

Yellow Brick

Thanks for following Matteo’s adventure, your support really means a lot to him. I have received a few questions about Matteo’s route and the distance he has covered so thought I would share this with you to help explain the numbers.

Matteo has a tracking device on the boat called a ‘yellow brick tracker’ this […]

Many challenges…but staying positive!

Another amazing weekend in Italy working on the boat and spreading the word about Sogno Atlantico.

The weekend didn’t start well – my flight was delayed by three hours. Nevertheless there was a silver-lining: I spent three hours plus the flight going through the boat inventory and reading the required equipment lists provided by Atlantic […]

Moving in the right direction…

A truly great week back in Italy. Lots of planning and work on the boat coupled with a number of meetings with potential sponsors and suppliers and two days of promotion at an international rowing event hosted by Canottieri Gavirate on Lake Varese.

I arrive in Italy with a ridiculous “to do list”, this is […]

RYA Ocean Yachtmaster Course

It has already been a week since getting back from Teignmouth in Devon for a eight day crash course in safety, survival, communication and navigation at sea. Although intense, it was a truly great experience and a chance to meet some of the other teams that in December will take part in the Talisker […]

A dream finally coming true…

I still struggle to believe this but it’s less than 225 days to the start of the race. For nearly 10 years rowing across an ocean was simply a dream: I’d lay in bed thinking what it would be like to be in the cabin of a boat, alone, with nothing around you. No […]