Passing the 500nm to go milestone was a good feeling but also slightly daunting. I still have 500nm to row and a lot can change in that time but I am starting to think about what life on land will be like. Becky recently asked me what I wanted her to bring out…clean clothes was a top priority and some will need to be a size smaller! In terms of food cravings I really want something cold and something with a different texture to freeze dried foods (mush)…I think pizza and ice cream would really hit the spot!

As I am getting closer to Antigua I’m noticing that the sun is rising and setting later. I haven’t changed my clocks since I left; does that mean when I arrive I can get a couple of extra hours in bed to catch up with Antiguan time?

Thank you for all the messages of support, it’s great to hear that through this adventure I have helped to inspire others to be more active or take on challenges. It’s also good to be working with two charities to help promote the work they do and to raise awareness about the respective medical conditions.