Matteo Perucchini

Matteo Perucchini is an experienced athlete with nearly 20 years of rowing experience both in Italy and the UK…and a passion for adventure. Born in 1981, Matteo has strong links with boats and water as his family has owned and managed a boatyard in Reno, on Lake Maggiore, since 1912. It’s on this lake that Matteo started rowing as a child and where years later, during his university years, he won 3 Italian Championships in fixed seat rowing – two in the single and one in the double scull.

“I have been dreaming of this adventure for over 10 years now, I hope that this crossing will motivate others to step out of their comfort zone and follow their dreams.”

Matteo studied genetics and biotechnology at the Universities of Cardiff and Edinburgh and the commercialisation of scientific research at the University of Cambridge. Following his studies he has worked as a management consultant for the pharmaceutical industry.



Although Matteo crossed the ocean solo, he was never truly alone. A challenge of this size is only possible with a large team providing technical, physical and mental support. Matteo was supported by a huge group of family, friends, and professionals.

Rebecca (Manager)

  • Rebecca oversees the outreach activities of Sogno Atlantico.
  • Rebecca has a broad experience of public engagement activities focusing on promoting healthy lifestyles.

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Andrea (Events Manager)

  • Andrea manages the events of Sogno Atlantico and is responsible for media relations.
  • Since the end of his crossing, Matteo has received a number of invites from associations and companies to present his adventure. If you are interested in inviting Matteo to present at one of your events, please contact:

TI Traduce (Translation services and support)

  • Professional translations agency in Lugano.
  • Federica runs TI Traduce, a large professional translations agency in Lugano. TI Traduce supports Matteo in his adventure, translating communications in various languages for him.