Barca in Vendita

Sogno Atlantico is an Adkin ocean rowing boat, built in 2013 for TWAC2013, it raced in that year’s edition as a pair, successfully completing the race and being one of the few boats not to capsize despite the challenging conditions at the start of the race. In November 2014 the boat was moved to Cantiere Costantini in Italy, a boatyard with over 100 years of experience in building and designing boats. For the next 12 months Sogno Atlantico underwent extensive work to upgrade the electrical equipment and optimize her performance as a solo boat.

Images of the work can be viewed on the Sogno Atlantico Facebook and Twitter pages or please send an email to for additional information.

In 2015, the boat made her second successful Atlantic crossing, this time crossing in 52 days. Sogno Atlantico won the solo category, beating all other solos,  including the newly designed Rannoch and Rossiter solo boats. The boat is fast and stable, once again Sogno Atlantico did not capsize during her second crossing and reached a maximum speed of 15 knts while surfing waves.

Despite being a superb solo boat, she could easily be converted back to a pair as all the fittings are still available.

The boat was fitted in October 2015 with brand new navigation and communication equipment by Garmin Marine – the kit performance during the crossing was flawless and much more intuitive than the previously installed Raymarine equipment:

  • Garmin 102B-H Compass
  • GARMIN 300i VHF radio
  • GARMIN AIS 600 transceiver
  • GARMIN GPSMAP 721 Chartplotter
  • GARMIN GMI 20 Instrument Display

A brand new watermaker (KATADYN 40E) was also installed in November 2015 and worked exceptionally well throughout the crossing.

One of the sponsors of Sogno Atlantico was Solbian and the boat was fitted with 300 W of top of the range Solbian Solar panels: SP50-Q (x 3) / SP100-L (x 1) / SP50-Q (x 1). This is more than many pairs which normally take part in the race and provides abundant power for a solo and pair crew. The solar panels are managed by 4 controllers (1 x VICTRON MPPT 75115 and 3 x GENASUN GV-BOOST) to provide optimal power management.

The boat has been fitted with a novel and ingenious system which enable the rower to easily switch between foot, hand, or autopilot steering while rowing.

In the sale are included 225 freeze-dried and wet rations. As a solo, if you were to consume four of them a day, they’ll keep you going for 56 days!

The asking price is £36,000 British Pounds. I would be more than happy to meet the new owner/s TO walk through the equipment, conduct a training exercise and provide many useful tips that I wish I’d known before my crossing. I spent 10 years dreaming of taking part in the TWAC and over two years planning for the race – I lived and breathed the boat and I am keen to see her cross again successfully and I’d be more than happy to support the buyer/s of the boat as much as I can with their prep.

The table below provides a general summary of the equipment included in the sale, however the boat is fully outfitted with almost all equipment required to cross an ocean and take part in one of the next Talisker Atlantic races, I can provide an excel file with the full details.

For more information please contact:

Oars, Cabin and Rowing Position ● Rudder cassette (reinforced) and rudder● Custom rudder control system (hand, foot, autotiller)

● Oars (Croker x 2 / Concept 2 x 1)

● Custom rowing seat and footplate (including spares)

● Cabin ventilators (1 x solar / 1 screw down)

● Insulated cabin



● Fitted and tested 1 x KATADYN 40E with spares

● Tested and serviced KATADYN PUR 6 hand operated watermaker as backup


Power Source

● 3 x 100Ah Deka Solar batteries

● 2 x BM-1 – CLIPPER Battery monitors

● 5 x Solbain Flex Solar Panels for a total of 300W

● 1 x VICTRON MPPT 75115 Controller

● 3 x GENASUN GV-BOOST Controller




● 2 x Fire Extinguisher

● 1 x Fire blanket

● 1 x Deck jackstay

● 1 x OCEAN SAFETY (Group A) Liferaft

● 1 x Complete GRAB BAG (TWAC scrutineered)

● 1 x Lalizas Life Link throwing line

● 1 x McMurdo G5 FASTFIND PLUS

● 1 x McMurdo FASTFIND MAX

● 2 x Lifejackets with manual trigger (CO2 inflation): KRU Sport Pro ISO & CREWSAVER Crewfit 180N Pro

● 1 x TWAC Medical Kit (almost complete)

● 1 x Rule Mate 500 GPH bilge pump plus 2 x manual bilge pumps

● 1 x Munster Simms – GUSHER URCHIN bilge pump

Navigation and Systems Management  ● 1 x Garmin 102B-H Compass● 2 x Antennas for VHF and AIS

● 1 x GARMIN 300i VHF radio

● 1 x ICOM IC-M23 H/H VHF radio

● 1 x GARMIN AIS 600 transceiver

● 1 x GARMIN GPSMAP 721 Chartplotter

● 1 x GARMIN GPS 19X and NMEA2K

● 1 x GARMIN GMI 20 Instrument Display

● 1 x GARMIN H/H GPS 78

● 1 x Raymarine ST2000 Autopilot with protective casing

● 1 x  SAFETY MARINE (COASTAL 9) parachute anchor

● 5 x  drogues of various sizes

● 1 x anchor with chain and rope



● 2 x FUSION 260 watts speakers

● Fusion radio (MS-IP600)



● 1 x Iridium 9555 satellite phone with spare battery

● 1 x Redport OPTIMIZER Modem

● 1 x External cabin mounted antenna and charging station fitted



● 1 x single axle trailer adapted to securely carry the boat – meets all EU Road requirements

● 1 x brand new trailer lighting board


Loose equipment and accessories

A wide range of spares and almost all the equipment needed to pass the TWAC scrutineering.



● 54 x wet rations (BTBT)

● 171 x freeze-dried rations (Adventure Food, Bla Band, Expedition Foods, Extreme, and Mountain House)

● 1 x Jetboil Zip